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  • Camen MIKULIC Reply

    So we needed a dress for a sweet 16 birthday, went to Davids bridal, went to glass slipper, etc. so anyway you get the picture, searched and searched for the perfect dress, Now I am old school, so I used my feet. What should have been an exciting time turned into a chore! My granddaughter {Techy} says grandma, I found one on line, I like. So the dress was very reasonably price, and the picture was pretty. So I said “O.K.” if it does not fit we can have it altered. The dress arrived and both of our jaws dropped! The elegance and beauty of the dress was beyond words!! The size was true to form (Yea! no altering) and the detail with the stitching, its one of those you can pass on. So needless to say “I am the cool grandma”

    June 12, 2019 at 10:38 am

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